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Totally and utterly pleased

I picked up the Ring after work today @ FedEx. It is so beautiful. I am totally and utterly pleased. I know my girlfriend will absolutely love it. Thank you so very much I will definitely purchase the wedding bands from you guys as well.

-Justin, Roswell, GA - February 2008


I am thrilled. The ring is beautiful and the cleaning product and beautiful wood box are an added bonus. Now I will just have to resist wearing the ring for a few months until my wedding.

-Sarah - New York, NY - February 2008

Absolutely Stunning

The ring is absolutely stunning! I can't stop looking at it! Now I just can't wait to give it to her. I really appreciate your help with the purchase and I will definitely look to Brilliant Earth for my future jewelry needs. Please pass my compliments on to the production team as well for such a beautiful creation.

-Gavin, Middlesex, NJ - February 2008

Patience, authenticity and no-pressure atmosphere

Joe and I just wanted to thank you for your help yesterday in selecting our engagement ring. We appreciated your patience and authenticity, and the no-pressure atmosphere. You helped make the (potentially daunting) experience into something wonderfully positive that we will always remember, and are very appreciative of. Many Thanks.

-Mary and Joe, Half Moon Bay, CA - January 2008

These earrings will always have more meaning for me than their twinkle

My earrings arrived today and they are exquisite; better than I had dared imagine. As you all seem so invested in the quality of your product and, more importantly, the context of it, I wanted to share this with you. I had ear surgery at the beginning of November that didn't go as well as hoped, and I ended up in bed for almost a month and a half. At Christmas time, I got a ludicrously generous monetary gift from my grandparents, with explicit instructions that I should spend it all on something really special for myself. I thought about it for a long time, and came to the conclusion that earrings would be a particularly hopeful, symbolic gift to myself. As I put them on today, I couldn't wipe the grin off my face - it was a wise choice. These earrings will always have more meaning for me than their twinkle. I will recommend you to anyone who will listen, and if I am ever lucky enough to be in a position to buy jewelry again, I know where I'll go.

-Anna, Toronto, ON - January 2008

Everything that we dreamed

I am delighted to tell you that I received the engagement ring last night. The ring is breathtaking and far exceeded my expectations. My visit with Eric in San Francisco was truly the highlight of my and my fiancee's week long trip. I am telling everyone who will listen about the mission and quality of Brilliant Earth. Thank you so much for making this most important moment in my and my fiancee's life everything that we dreamed.

-Howard, New York, NY - January 2008

Truly the most beautiful

I just got the ring and it is gorgeous. I'm so glad I ordered through you. I saw a lot of rings this week and this truly is the most beautiful. Thank you for getting it to me so quickly. I really appreciate what you guys did to make it happen.

-David, Abilene, TX - January 2008

Such personalized and effective customer service

Thanks so much for the help. I never expected such personalized and effective customer service. Brilliant Earth is a great company and I really appreciate all that you did to help me prepare for proposing to my fiance. This weekend went great, without a hitch. The ring is beautiful and everyone that has seen it loves it.

-Jason, Burke, VA - December 2007

Making a part of my dream come true

An absolutely spectacular ring. Angela said "Yes". Thank you Brilliant Earth for making a part of my dream come true.

-Todd, Sunnyside, NY - December 2007

Included overnight shipping and savings by buying online

The ring is absolutely fantastic! I was very pleased to do business with Brilliant Earth, particularly the customer support, included overnight shipping, and saving over $200 in taxes by buying online (I know avoiding taxes is horribly unromantic, but think of the dinner out I can buy with that). Thank you and everyone there for your help.

-Russ, Arlington, VA - December 2007

The customer experience down pat

I just wanted to let you know I have a big smile on my face as I read your email. You and your company have the customer experience down pat. I'm thrilled so far, and I haven't even received any product yet!

-Thomas, Huntington, NY - December 2007

Even prettier in person

I received the ring yesterday and it is even prettier in person. I think she is going to love it. Thanks for all of your help.

-Maria, Seattle, WA - November 2007

We didn't have to compromise a thing

The rings are perfect. They are the right size, they are comfortable, and they are beautiful. The look even better than they did online. I sincerely appreciate the excellent customer service. After we placed the order, I called to check on it. The people on the phone seemed organized and pleasant. I appreciated the email to check on delivery and the hand written note in the package. There aren't many jewelers who think the way that your company does. Wedding rings are intended to symbolize the love we share. I was unwilling to say my vows with a ring that I wasn't proud of. We assumed that we would have to make some compromises to make this happen, in terms of choice, quality, or customer service. Fortunately we didn't have to compromise a thing. Thank you so much!

-Katherine, Gainesville, FL - November 2007

Ability to maintain more reasonable prices for a higher quality product

I received the diamond today and it is beautiful. Its has been a pleasure purchasing from Brilliant Earth. I was impressed at your ability to maintain prices that are much more reasonable for a higher quality product than the local stores and of course also at the ethics of the company.

-Dan, Nova Scotia, Canada - November 2007

The perfect spirit to represent our relationship

Thank you so much for the care you have taken. And even more thank you for creating and sustaining Brilliant Earth. My future fiance and I both love the ring. She especially has had a powerful response. And as we are in a long distance relationship, shopping for the ring online was the perfect way for us to find an engagement ring. For me the ring with its attention to all the ethical details gives me great pride and pleasure. For both of us, this ring embodies the perfect spirit to represent our relationship. We will undoubtedly be contacting you later for rings of the wedding variety.

-Jay, Washington, PA - November 2007

Very impressed with the certifications

We are very happy with the earrings, very impressed with the certifications and thrilled with the quality of diamonds! I'm glad your company exists and I thank you and everyone there for the excellent service.

-Joe and Kathe, Nassawadox,VA - October 2007

Help, service and quality of product

We have the ring back. It is absolutely gorgeous. I would like to thank you for your help, service and quality of product. The ring was appraised for considerably more than what I paid. I was also very happy with the service and prompt responses to concerns and subsequent repair. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone.

-David, Ontario, Canada - October 2007

Now I can give a gift not only with love, but also with a clear conscience

I received the ring yesterday. It's beautiful - exactly what I was looking for. I have a job working with African refugees, and recently had a number of orphans from Sierra Leone stay at my home. Hearing their stories about losing family and friends as a result of the diamond trade only reinforced my decision to buy from Brilliant Earth. Now I can give a gift not only with love, but also with a clear conscience. Thank you.

-Brent, Spokane, WA - October 2007

Unique, beautiful, stunning and gorgeous

It's almost an understatement to say that my engagement ring is beautiful. I work in an industry where my hands are always on display and my clients never fail to comment on how 'unique', 'beautiful', 'stunning', and 'gorgeous' my ring is… even when they are bejeweled from head to toe. The awe inspiring ring is also made that much more impressive by the consciousness of the company. I am constantly singing your praises and it is always met with appreciation as I work in San Francisco where jewelry with a conscience is applauded. To top it all off, the honesty and non-aggressive approach with which Eric conducted our personalized ring shopping experience solidified our decision to buy our wedding bands and any and all future fine jewelry purchases from Brilliant Earth.

-Elaine and Roger, San Francisco, CA - October 2007

Incredibly easy to order over the internet

Thanks again for all of your help. You have made it incredibly easy to order such an expensive item over the internet.

-Chris, Toronto, ON - September 2007

Wedding ring goes perfectly with the engagement ring

The ring is beautiful. She loves it and it goes perfectly with the engagement ring (which I also bought from Brilliant Earth), and we both feel good about choosing an environmentally and socially responsible ring.

-Edward, Englewood, CO - September 2007

Communication and expedited work

Thank you so much for all of your help, both you and Brilliant Earth have been wonderful! I cannot express how much your communication and the expedited work means to me (and my soon-to-be fiancée! Tomorrow is actually the day I am going to propose). Brilliant Earth is a wonderful company and produces beautiful rings--not to mention that the diamonds are conflict-free (A very big deal to both Giselda and myself)! Thank you for all of your help and you can count on return business from me.

-Christian, Binghamton, NY - September 2007

Ring is stunning

The ring is stunning, and I am so happy. Thank you!

-Michael, Boulder, CO - September, 2007

Making at least one part of our wedding plans easy

The ring is gorgeous just as I had every confidence that it would be. Thank you all for your help and for making at least one part of our wedding plans easy and exactly how we wanted. I have referred many of my friends to you guys.

-Ryan, Port Jefferson, NY - August 2007

Delicate Craftsmanship

I received the ring and it is absolutely beautiful. It is exactly what I was looking for and I am very impressed with the delicate craftsmanship. It was very important to us to purchase wedding bands from an environmentally and socially responsible company. Thank you and everyone at Brilliant Earth for all you do. I will definitely spread the word. Wishing you much success!

-Maegan, Arlington, VA - August 2007

Resizing - happy with the service and quality

Thank you very much for entertaining our resizing escapades. We are very happy with the service and quality. We will be purchasing more from you in the future.

-Brian, Knoxville, TN - August 2007

New Faith in the Beauty of Jewelry

I don't wear much jewelry and even had to be convinced that an engagement ring was something I wanted. But Jason, with the help of your company, erased all fears and installed new faith for me in the beauty of jewelry. It was difficult to capture my feelings on the subject in a way that made picking a ring easy. And so I closed my eyes and hoped for the best. When I opened my eyes, I saw the most beautiful and sparkly diamond in a setting I couldn't have designed better to fit my own finger. Not only does your company uphold important standards and ethics, but they also did an incredible job with my ring. I love it so much and haven't taken it off my finger since I put it on a week ago in Niagara Falls. Yes, I love Jason and the significance of the ring of course, but the piece of jewelry alone is, well, Brilliant.

-Emily and Jason, New York, NY - July 2007

Earth friendly, classy product

We received the rings today. They are beautiful and fit perfectly. Thanks for an earth friendly, classy product.

-Christine and Steven, San Francisco, CA – July 2007

Absolutely gorgeous

I got the ring today & it is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love it! I spent the afternoon showing it off at work and bragging about how fabulous Brilliant Earth is. Many thanks!

-Monie, North Bend, OR – July 2007

A truly pleasant experience

The ring is beautiful. The sapphire is perfect. I have thoroughly enjoyed partnering with Brilliant Earth in this endeavor - you folks have truly made this a pleasant experience. I'll send you a photo of our Paris engagement! Thanks so much.

-Justin, Natick, MA – July 2007

Showing 241-270 of 328 results
  • 9 of 11

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