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Brilliant Earth has exceeded my expectations - it's gorgeous!

We received the ring yesterday and it is absolutely stunning! It is a bit nerve-racking to order something so expensive on the internet without actually seeing it, but Brilliant Earth has exceeded my expectations. It's gorgeous! My new fiancé and I are both environmental scientists and we were really happy to discover Brilliant Earth on the net as it is really difficult to find a jeweler which uses recycled gold. It's perfect for me as a person who cares so deeply about the environment but still wants to feel a bit like a princess! Thank you so much!

-Erin Montreal, QC - December 2008

Ethical and environmentally friendly jewelry

The pendant is great! It's very beautiful and I know it will make my girlfriend very happy. Thank you for giving me a way to give my girlfriend beautiful jewelry in an ethical, environmentally friendly way. I will definitely buy jewelry from your website again.

-Graeme St. Catharine's, ON - December 2008

The Chocó Pendant is beautiful!

I got the Chocó Pendant this morning! I was so pleasantly surprised! It is very beautiful and the packaging is beautiful. This was my first order from Brilliant Earth, but its been so great and easy. I know I'll be back for more things! Happy Holidays!

-Ali Missoula, MT - December 2008

Fits great and looks even better!

I received the ring today! It fits great and looks even better! I am so happy with the service I received from Brilliant Earth and have been recommending you to all of my environmentally and socially conscious friends. I found Brilliant Earth to offer so much information about non-conflict issues. The website is also interactive and attractive. Good for you! Thanks again and have a great holiday season.

-Sean Turnersville, NJ - November 2008

Let love win! Let love win!

I can't even begin to thank you for making this possible!! My day was so gloomy until I got your email about the ring showing up - it was clearly a sign! I picked up the ring from you, went home, and then took Massimo to the "No On 8" candlelight vigil at San Francisco City Hall, which is the spot where gay marriage first took place. There were 2000 people there, and I pulled some strings and got called up as the last speaker - and to Massimo's surprise I spoke of hope and a bright tomorrow. And I said "16,000 LGBT couples have already been married in this state - let's make it 16,001. And so, I would like to ask my partner Massimo if he would marry me" - and I got down on one knee and pulled out the ring and he was shocked and couldn't believe it, and kissed me and said "Yes" into the microphone in front of this huge crowd that was chanting "Let love win! Let love win!" while we kissed. It was very moving and emotional, and people came up to us afterward and said that this was so inspiring and so lovely. Really what they needed to know is that no matter what bigotry exists, love will win - even if it takes little setbacks now and then. We called our parents and brothers and sisters from the street, and our calls kept getting interrupted by people walking by and wishing us health and happiness. Then we went out for a drink and some people bought us a bottle of champagne - it was just a lovely evening. Massimo LOVED his ring!!

-Barak, San Francisco, CA - November 2008

Environmentally sensible

I received the package. The ring is beautiful and I'm very happy with everything. The process of ordering and calling to have questions answered by your staff went smoothly. I am glad I purchased a conflict free diamond from an environmentally sensible company such as Brilliant Earth. Thank you for your company's sincerity and dedication to helping clients, it makes all the difference.

-Dustin Ames, IA - October 2008

The ring is just flat out perfect

Even if we had a million dollars to spend on this occasion, we would still go with the ring we found through you...especially because of your company's ethical and environmental standards along with the way you give back to people in Africa. Plus, the ring is just flat out perfect for Michelle. I'm sure she'll fall in love with it just like she did when we first fell for one another in a forest underneath the moon.

-Joshua, Seattle, WA - October 2008

Beautiful work & ethical materials

We got them this morning - they're gorgeous! Beautiful work, thanks so much. Hopefully someday more people will realize the importance of reclaimed and ethical materials for jewelry, but until that happens, we're glad there are places like you filling in that niche!! Also, as a graphic designer, I've got to say that's nice packaging, and very lovely printed materials too! And that wooden box - wow! Thanks again!

-Dawn & Cliff, Cedar Rapids, IA - October 2008


YAY! I got the ring today at work. It's absolutely perfect! I love it! It's the right width, thickness, sparkle, wow-factor, you name it. It's both outrageous and subtle at the same time. Thank you for the beautiful design and craftsmanship. Love love love it!

-Kristin, San Francisco, CA - September 2008

Thoughtful touches

I received the earrings last Friday. Thank you so much for making sure they got here before our anniversary, which is tomorrow. They look fantastic and I'm sure she will absolutely love them. I also really appreciated the way they were packaged with the thoughtful touches like the personal note, the wood box and jewelry cleaner and the way the certificates were presented. All very classy!

-William, Ottowa, ON - September 2008

She loves the sapphire

Nathalie and I have received the rings and they're fantastic! Thank you so much for your work, you've been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Nathalie has been wearing her engagement ring and showing it to friends who all agree it's perfect for her. She loves the sapphire, it's a really beautiful ring and just what she deserves! It's really been worth the wait and we'll cherish them forever. We're both really pleased that we found you to make our rings.

-James, UK - September 2008

Exactly the ring I was searching for

I would like to express my warmest gratitude to Brilliant Earth for making the acquisition of an absolutely stunning engagement ring an exciting and stress-free experience. After visiting many jewelers and repeating the same discussions over and over I was finding that I was not going to get what I was looking for and be ultimately happy with the purchase. Brilliant Earth has provided exactly the ring I was searching for and furthermore, created a piece that is not only of exceptional craftsmanship but one that I was satisfied to acquire. Being cognizant of sustainability, societal ethics and environmental issues we all face these days, I can rest assured this ring reflects those values I hold. I've already recommended Brilliant Earth to several friends. Thank you for making this purchase a memorable one.

-James, Princeton, NJ - August 2008

The ring is just absolutely stunning!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! The quality of service is well beyond what I've expected and the ring is just absolutely stunning! I will definitely be back when it comes time for the wedding bands and have already begun to highly recommend you! Thanks again and wish me luck!

-Donald, British Columbia, Canada - August 2008

Truly wonderful and inspiring

My fiance purchased my ring from Brilliant Earth and I just wanted to let you know how incredibly pleased we both are with the ring! It's the white gold with two sapphires and a diamond. Not only is it beautiful, but it's a ring I am extremely proud to wear. Thank you so much for what you do; I recommend you to everyone I meet who inquires after my ring. Your company is truly wonderful and inspiring.

-Christine - July 2008

Conflict free and certified

I have never been so satisfied from buying something online as I am now. This has been the most pleasant experience I have had. The diamond is absolutely gorgeous and it is exactly what I thought it would be. Your customer service is the best I have experiences. The support staff is courteous, prompt, and they are helpful. You really understand the concern of your customers and you treat us like we are more than just that. The diamonds have proper certificates, that most jewelry stores lack to deliver. The fact that it is conflict free and certified is phenomenal. I am so glad that I took a chance and purchased something so expensive online. I love how simple, secure, and high quality your products are. I am certainly going to purchase my wedding bands from this site in the future. I will recommend this site to all of my friends and I will only buy my diamond jewelry from here. Thank you.

-Justin, Friedends, PA - July 2008

Jewelry that we can feel responsible about

The rings arrived this morning and look beautiful. I can't wait for my fiance to see them later this evening. We used Brilliant Earth for my engagement ring, as well, and have been so happy with your customer service, attention to detail, and commitment to the environment and social issues. We will certainly use your company again in the future for other jewelry that we can feel responsible about.

-Leslie, Cambridge, MA - June 2008

Such a great experience

I just wanted to say thank you soooo much for all your help throughout the entire process of searching for and purchasing an engagement ring. The diamond and the Seacrest setting are absolutely beautiful. My fiancé is sooooo excited about the ring and said that if she had choice of which ring to choose she would have picked the exact same one. You have been so helpful and informative and shopping with Brilliant Earth has been such a great experience. I was a little hesitant to purchase a ring without seeing it but it worked out so well. We will be shopping for our wedding bands with you guys in the near future but until then, thank you again so much and have a wonderful summer!

-Joshua, Arcadia, CA - June 2008

Thanks for offering conflict free diamonds

I've received the pendant and it's beautiful, and my wife loves it. Thanks again for expediting everything and for offering conflict free diamonds and jewelry. I'll certainly recommend Brilliant Earth to my friends and family in the future.

-Michael, New York - May 2008

A beautiful electric diamond in such a perfect setting

As promised I am letting you know that the diamond engagement ring just arrived this morning. I must tell you....that having just turned 50 I have purchased a few diamonds over the years, including some with the much touted "Hearts of Fire" diamonds. But when I took this ring into the sunlight for the first time....I surprisingly started to tear up for I have never ever seen such a beautiful electric diamond in such a perfect setting. Picturing how the thousands of times I will see this ring on the hand of my Reina as we grow old together....words cannot adequately express the emotions I am feeling...

-Brian, Coronado, CA - May 2008

A beautiful graduation gift

I did receive the pendant last week, and it was *beautiful*...I couldn't be happier with it! It's a graduation gift for a friend of mine...she should be receiving it tomorrow. I think she'll be as thrilled as I was with it!

-Sue, Toronto, ON - May 2008

We found the whole on-line process to be a breeze

I just wanted to let you know that my fiance and I are thrilled with the engagement ring - the appraisal was even better than we had hoped and we're constantly hearing positive remarks on the ring. Also, we were extremely happy with the customer service we received and found the whole on-line process to be a breeze. Be assured that whenever we see raised eyebrows after saying we bought the ring on-line, we are quick to promote your website & company as a whole. Thanks again. From a happy customer.

-Heidi, Alberta, Canada - April 2008

It shows that there are better ways of doing things

I'm writing to fill you in on the news: I proposed to her and she said "yes"! And she loves the ring. She loves how it looks and how it sparkles, and also, we both love the fact that we feel so good about (for me) buying it and (for her) wearing it forever. It shows there are better ways of doing things--we don't have to continue the same business practices that have been handed to us over the generations. We can do it better, and that brings me a measure of hope.

-Alex, Washington, DC - April 2008

The environment means a lot to us and so does our commitment

The ring is beautiful we love it!! It is perfect! It was exactly what we were looking for. We are planning on buying my engagement ring and wedding band from Brilliant Earth, I am happy to say that we were looking for something environmentally responsible and we found it. The environment means a lot to us and so does our commitment to each other we are glad that we are able to have both. Once again thank you so much!

-Kelly, Toronto, ON - April 2008

Socially responsible and eco-friendly sapphire rings

I want to thank you for offering something different in so many ways. When I began looking for engagement rings I steered clear of the ordinary "engagement" rings. I knew that I wanted something different and so I started looking at sapphires. Blue has always been one of my favorite colors and so I thought why not. When I came across your website I was pleasantly surprised to find not only sapphire rings but elegant ones that are socially responsible and eco-friendly!!!! I showed the ring to my boyfriend and to make a long story short, it is now on my finger. Thank you so much for making the ring of my dreams! I hope to carry the socially responsible, eco-friendly theme into our wedding and marriage.

-Hannah, Denver, CO - April 2008

She couldn't have been happier when I told her about your company.

Everything went perfectly with the proposal and she couldn't have been happier when I told her all about your company. Thanks again for all your help. The gem on the inside really made it special as well.

-Bo, Omaha, NE - April 2008

Floored by the ring

I just wanted to let you know that I proposed yesterday and she said yes! While neither the question nor the answer came as a surprise (we did design the ring together, after all), she was absolutely floored by the ring. She'd seen the CADs, but I didn't show her the final product until I popped the question and she was speechless. It fits her finger perfectly and looks even better on her hand than it did by itself. Besides that, I also feel great about knowing the origin of the diamond and that I helped support such a responsible company. We really couldn't be happier. Thank you and all of your staff so much.

-Stephen, Los Angeles, CA - March 2008

Designing the perfect ring

I can't thank you all (and especially Beth L.) enough for your help in designing and creating the perfect ring for my fiancee. Beth was wonderful to work with, patient, instructive and empowering, and I couldn't have been more pleased with the entire experience. Meredith absolutely loves the ring, and refuses to take it off. Her only complaint is that I proposed to her while we were on vacation and away from our friends so she has no one to show it off to. Yesterday she even threatened to start going up to random people on the street and asking "Do you want to see my ring?" Which, while slightly embarrassing, is a good sign.

-Aden, San Francisco, CA - March 2008

Love the antique scroll ring

Just wanted to let you know that the ring is truly stunning and beautiful and that my finance absolutely loves it! Thank you again for your help in picking it out, she really loves the antique scroll ring and we look forward to talking to you again in a few months when we pick out wedding bands from brilliant earth.

-Somanna, Raleigh, NC – March 2008

Beyond my wildest expectations

First of all, I want to say that my ring goes beyond my wildest expectations!! I absolutely LOVE it! It is silly to say, but it was such a childhood dream that has come true to have the perfect ring, and now it is on my finger... thank you!! It fits beautifully, and I love it to death! I cant stop looking at it! Thanks again, it was a pleasure working with you and I will be recommending you to everyone I know!

-Bethany, San Francisco, CA – March 2008

Brilliant Earth has been the best company I've dealt with

I got the ring bright and early this morning! I've got to tell you, out of all the people I've dealt with in planning my small elopement the customer service at Brilliant Earth has been excellent and the best company I've dealt with. It's nice to know there are still companies out there putting effort into customer service and able to deliver it too. I appreciate being able to talk to someone on the phone to order, having the invoice sent right away without asking, how quickly the order was filled, another email to inform it was being shipped and the quick delivery.

-Jaimi, Yorktown Heights, NY - February 2008

Showing 211-240 of 328 results
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