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Entourage, on HBO

I was watching my favorite show, Entourage, on HBO and was thrilled to see that the character Eric used a Brilliant Earth ring to propose to his onscreen girlfriend, Sloan! I presented my wife with a Brilliant Earth ring and she is thrilled with it. Seeing your products on my favorite show was great, and I'm happy that Entourage is supporting socially responsible products!

Paul, Mason, OH - October, 2009

Attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship

I cannot begin to thank Gloria and all of the staff at Brilliant Earth enough for the assistance, kindness, and quality of work shown throughout my engagement ring purchase. After picking up the ring, I was left speechless by the attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship that the ring held. Jen and I had a wonderful engagement weekend on the Sonoma Coast. I don't think she's taken the ring off her finger since I put it on - she's really blown away! I just want to say thank you very much. We look forward to working with you on our wedding rings!

Matt, San Francisco, CA – October 2009

She said yes!

I proposed to Alyssa on Friday, and she said yes! She was absolutely floored by the ring, and was even happier with it than I could have imagined. Not only that, but she has had countless gasps and "OH MY GOSH"'s from friends who see her ring for the first time, and who wouldn't appreciate that? I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent service, advice, and responsiveness. I will definitely recommend Brilliant Earth to any friends in the market for an engagement ring. Thanks!

Leif, New York, NY – September, 2009

A fair wage for their natural resource

I'm really pleased with the diamond, it looks great! I appreciate that you included the ring box as well. I also wanted to let you know that I specifically selected this stone due to its Namibian origin. It is comforting to know that the funds will pay Africans a fair wage for their natural resource, and will fairly employ people in impoverished areas. That was the biggest selling point for me. Thank you.

Patrick, Jacksonville, FL - September, 2009

Pictures do not do this ring justice

I just received the ring and it truly is beautiful. Thank you. It is always a little tricky ordering something online. You are never sure if the pictures are going to match up to the final product. Well, I would have to say the online pictures do not do this ring justice. I am very happy with it and I know my girlfriend (soon to be fiancé) will love it as well.

Drew, Central, SC - September, 2009

Sustainable methods

It is beautiful! I love your attention to details when it comes to sustainable methods. I trust your policies on human rights are consistent with your claims. It has been a pleasure dealing with you on this most important purchase. I'm sure she'll say yes!

Steve, Metamora, MI – August 2009

Exactly what I pictured!

The rings arrived right on time, and they are spectacular. Exactly what I pictured! Thank you so much. I'm sure she will love them. I'd also like to send a thank you to your company for putting so much thought and responsible action into offering ethical diamond diamonds and recycled precious metals. It makes the gift that much more meaningful to us. We're both globally minded geologists, and I teach an environmental geology class every semester where I lecture on responsible living. Thanks to your company, I'm able to practice what I preach and smile a little bigger each time I see the ring on my beautiful wife-to-be's finger. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!!

Damon Ozark, MO – August 2009

Environmentally and socially ethical

The necklace is a hit! I'm not sure she has taken it off yet! It is beautiful and definitely lived up to its picture online. Thank you for the great service, and the hand written note! This has been a great experience and I think Brilliant Earth offers a great alternative to high pressure jewelry stores, while most importantly, being environmentally and socially ethical.

Calvin, Vancouver, BC – August 2009

Mother Earth in mind

I just wanted to let you know that I received the ring today. It is gorgeous and I can't wait to wear it on my wedding day next month! I'm so happy I found a beautiful ring that was made with our Mother Earth in mind. I feel good that I have a ring with a history, not a mystery.

Kimberly, Eugene, OR – August 2009

Choosing our diamond

We just wanted to say thank you for all of your help in choosing our diamond! We were so excited about Brilliant Earth and we loved all of the information that arrived with the stone. Before finding Brilliant Earth, I'd almost decided against diamonds all together since everyone else only uses the Kimberly Process for certification, and that was it! It just wasn't enough piece of mind for me. We couldn't be more pleased -- and the box it came in was so pretty I still have it out!!

Ginger and David, Woburn, MA – July 2009

Outstanding craftsmanship

The ring is absolutely beautiful. We received it yesterday and I immediately presented it to my wife who was speechless. It is everything she had hoped for. The pairing of the diamonds and sapphires is perfect. Same color, same clarity, same shine. Outstanding craftsmanship and superior customer service. I will definitely make Brilliant Earth the first stop when I look for jewelry in the future. Thank you for making my five year anniversary a success.

Morgan, Okinawa, Japan – July 2009


I just opened the package and saw the ring. Words cannot even describe it. The ring is absolutely breath taking!!! Unbelievable. She is going to fall over when she sees this thing sparkle. Thank you so much. You guys did an absolutely outstanding job. I will recommend you guys to everyone I know with enthusiasm and confidence.

Douglas, Martha's Vineyard - July 2009

An attitude of social responsibility

The ring arrived yesterday. It is beautiful, fits perfectly and I love it! The whole presentation was great, especially the little wooden box. I will enjoy wearing my ring all the more for knowing that Brilliant Earth operates in an ethical manner with an attitude of social responsibility. Thank you!

Lynne, Salem, NH – July 2009

Peace of mind

I just received the diamond, thank you! It's beautiful and exactly what I wanted. I really wanted to thank your company for helping me find not only a diamond that is conflict-free, but that is laser inscribed as Canadian. I first went to several diamond dealers and got three different answers when I requested a certified conflict free diamond from Canada. Being a skeptic, I decided to look further and I found your company on the web. I checked your references and even asked my jeweler to check your prices and certifications. He was very impressed and urged me to buy my diamond through you. He even said that your prices are very competitive. Then, when I called to figure out exactly which diamond to buy, your customer service representative was very helpful in helping me pick the right one. I really appreciate your company. I am happy that I will be able to look at my wedding band years from now and know exactly where it came from. Thanks for helping me and providing me peace of mind.

Beata, Chicago, IL – June 2009

An important piece of jewelry

We just received the rings - they ARE beautiful! Mine fits perfectly and looks great with my engagement ring. The box is also very attractive, and will look great in our wedding photos. Thank you very much for their quick arrival, and ultimately thank you for offering a responsible option for such an important piece of jewelry.

Michelle, Oakland, CA – June 2009

Human rights and environmental awareness

I wanted to say THANK YOU for my gorgeous engagement ring, the Platinum Bead-set Round Diamond Trellis. Your rings were the first ones we looked at two years ago and nothing else ever compared, both in regards to human rights and environmental awareness, as well as quality and design. We got engaged last night and I will be proud to wear my ring for life. A special thanks to Beth for meeting with us and teaching us everything we needed to know. We look forward to working with you more in the future.

Liz & Adam, Iowa City, IA – June 2009


I picked up the ring today. It is BEAUTIFUL. I appreciate all the help I received from Danielle in picking it out and customizing it. I don't know anything about diamond rings, I was very pleased with the ring and the fact that I was able to keep it all a secret from my girlfriend by picking it up at a FedEx location. I will definitely use you guys when it's time to shop for the wedding rings! There are many companies and jewelry stores that assume that just because a female is purchasing a diamond ring that she is purchasing it for herself. There are many same sex couples that purchase engagement rings for each other and I will highly recommend your company because of your professionalism and respect to ALL couples when making a purchase like this.

Jill, Cincinnati, OH – June 2009


Just letting you know my earrings arrived. I love them! I can't think of a more appropriate description other than stunning! I think I'm actually speechless and that doesn't happen very often. What a fabulous company.

Desiree, Tuscon, AZ - May 2009

Green on the Inside

It arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon and it was everything we expected and more. Extremely beautiful and well done, also the little “Green on the Inside” gem on the inside of the band is an amazing extra touch that I know Michelle is going to LOVE! I wanted to thank you and everyone else at Brilliant Earth for all the patience and help that was provided and just commend the company on such a great business model along with amazing products. We were definitely a little nervous about ordering a ring without seeing it in person first and now I'm extremely glad that we decided to go with you guys.

Travis, Carlisle, PA – May 2009

Totally impressed

I just wanted to let you all know I received the ring. It is absolutely beautiful! It is exactly what I had hoped for and more. It fits perfectly. So far everyone that has seen it is totally impressed. The one thing that I notice the most is that the diamond is so perfect. Thank you so much for making this a wonderful experience and giving me a ring I can treasure forever. I will let you know when we are looking for wedding rings to match.

Andrea, Danville, VT – April 2009

We are so happy with the design and the quality

We received the ring yesterday and it is GORGEOUS! It is absolutely exactly what we were looking for, we are so happy with the design and the quality, it is just totally stunning. I will be sure to recommend you to everyone I know, and we will certainly be your customers again! I was so impressed with all the staff and the service I received. Great job!

Margaree, Keene, NH - April 2009

Making the world a better place

I just wanted to say thank you! My fiancé proposed this past weekend, and I couldn't have imagined a more beautiful ring. It fits perfectly, and I've already gotten so many comments on how beautiful and unique it is. Knowing that we actually helped make the word a better place by buying it just makes it the most perfect engagement ring I could ever dream of.

Elan, Silver Springs, MD – March 2009

Knocked my socks off!

I have received the ring and I cannot believe how beautiful it is!!!! I knew it would be, but seeing it for the first time just knocked my socks off! My fiancé is equally impressed. I am ever so glad that I chose Brilliant Earth to create my ring. I will definitely recommend you to everyone that I know, and we will be in touch with you to create our wedding rings. Thank you so very much!!!!

Tess, Toledo, OH – March 2009

Personal service and professionalism

First let me say how absolutely thrilled and superbly pleased I have been with everything that has transpired thus far. Your personal service and professionalism have been a wonderful treat. Second, I received the package today and let me tell you what…WOW! I absolutely love the ring! You were not kidding when you said it was stunning! I could not be happier with it. I think that my future fiancé will love it, and she would not have any other ring in the world. So thank you again for all that you have done, and I am certain that we will be ordering wedding bands from your company in the near future. Thanks for a great experience!

Lucas, Burlington, NC – March 2009

Extremely amazing

I just want to thank everyone at Brilliant Earth for the excellent job that you've all done. When I decided that I was going to propose to my girlfriend I knew right away that the diamond I would give her would be a conflict free Canadian diamond. I searched many places to find something that met all my needs and was amazed to find that you not only met my needs but greatly surpassed them. From using 100% recycled precious metals, to donating 5% of the profits, to even making the beautiful box that the ring comes in out of sustainable wood, your attention to important issues pleased and impressed me. Everyone that I communicated with, be it over the phone, through email or both, was extremely amazing. I was kept up to date and informed on the status of my ring. The ring itself is gorgeous, it looks even better than I imagined it, which is relieving when your spending a substantial amount of money on something that you don't see until it's delivered. All in all I'm extremely pleased with my purchase (and so is my new fiancé!) and I would recommend Brilliant Earth to anyone and everyone. Thanks again for the great service and the stunning ring!

-Darren, Ottowa, ON - February 2009

From generation to generation

Thanks again for all of your help. I picked the package up last night and to say that everything exceeded my expectations would be a gross understatement. When discussing the "ring situation" in casual conversation, my girlfriend has always said that the only thing she would want with a ring would be that it would be something she can pass down. When I saw what your company had crafted for me, I know, with confidence, that this expectation will be met. It makes me very happy to think that this may be passed down in my family from generation to generation and that it does carry with it not only a message of love but social responsibility. So without getting too terribly sentimental please pass on my most sincere gratitude to everybody that was involved with this.

-Alex, Reno, NV - January 2009

The ethical path our ring has traveled

I just received my order today. You're right, the ring is fantastic. Wow. It's very nice to hear from you and receive a hand written note in the box. I appreciate the personal touch to compliment the internet order. The materials in the package are great to have as well. You provide such complete transparency that I'm very well assured of the ethical path our ring has traveled. That combined with the quality of the ring makes me very happy with the purchase.

-Ryan, Eagan, MN – January 2009

Truly a work of art

We really love our ring! Not only is it beautifully crafted and unique, it was of foremost importance to us to know that our luxurious gift came from a legitimate source and was not created under inhumane circumstances nor did it sponsor any malicious crime or organizations. Not only is the does it sparkle with brilliance, it is truly a work of art that provides us also with a clean conscience. We had a local appraiser take a look at the ring when it was complete, and having gone to him previously with another stone, we knew he had a critical opinion. He told us the ring was extremely well set and a great value for the quality. We were all impressed to say the least! Your service is outstanding & we would highly recommend this to anyone looking for an ethical solution in the diamond industry.

-Kelly & Michael, Cupertino CA – January 2009

Our commitment to our environment and social responsibility

We received the rings today and they are wonderful. Thank you so much! We're very happy to have our rings not only symbolize our love for each other, but also our commitment to our environment and social responsibility. Thank you so much for making this possible!

-Russ, Montreal, QC – January 2009

The perfect rings for us

My husband and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary on January 10th, and we bought the rings in honour of that event. When we got married, we wore plain silver rings for the "time being." Five years later, we're still wearing those rings. Then, last year I came across an ad for Brilliant Earth. I looked at your wedding bands and the information about Brilliant Earth, and fell in love! We are trying to be more environmentally responsible in our living. I knew they were the perfect rings for us, especially with our first "landmark" anniversary coming up. So, thank you, Brilliant Earth, for what you are doing and may you be blessed in 2009!

-Sarah, British Columbia, Canada – January 2009

Showing 181-210 of 328 results
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