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Totally Unique, Simple, and Comfortable

I spent most of yesterday reloading the FedEx tracking page, and then the package arrived! The ring is absolutely perfect. The stone is just the right color, and has the beautiful cut I like! I can't thank you enough for your tireless efforts. It's totally unique, simple and, most importantly, comfortable for me to wear! LOVE! I also really appreciate that it came with a bit of jewelry cleaner--such a nice touch!!!

Ashley, Alameda, CA – August 2012


Thank You for Your Commitment to Your Craft

The ring is absolutely beautiful! It's very unique – a perfect weight and presence. And the diamond catches the light beautifully. The fact that this ring is also a responsible and ethical choice means a lot to me. It's an aspect of the ring that people are fascinated by as much as they are by the presence. We will definitely be back for the matching wedding band! Thank you for your commitment to your craft, and wonderful business.

Jaime, Braintree, VT – August 2012


Ethical and Honest

I was so excited that my husband was going to order me a ring from Brilliant Earth that it was all I could think about for days & days! Finally the big day came that we actually purchased the ring & now I can not wait to get that baby on my finger! I love that Brilliant Earth is not only ethical, but genuinely honest as well. Honesty is hard to come by in a company, so my hope is that Brilliant Earth never changes & I'm pretty confident they won't! If you are having any doubt about the company, check them out... you will find a flawless record & so many amazing benefits that the doubt will simply disappear. We are beyond excited about our purchase and looking forward to many more with Brilliant Earth.

Laura, Columbus, GA – August 2012


It Sparkles with Fire

I wanted to thank you all; the ring is gorgeous, it sparkles with fire when light goes through it. My future wife loves it and I'm completely satisfied with all. Actually, I wouldn't look in any other place for the wedding bands but with you.

Daniel, Fort Worth, TX – August 2012


Level of Care and Speediness of Service

I am blown away by the level of care and by the speediness of service I received today. You all are doing an incredible job and I will definitely recommend Brilliant Earth to friends and family for all their jewelry needs. Again, thank you so much!

Mark, Visalia, CA – August 2012


I am thrilled!

Oh my goodness, the ring is even more beautiful than I thought. It's absolutely perfect! I am thrilled and more than completely satisfied with my purchase and choice to go with Brilliant Earth. I will definitely be making more purchases in the future! Many, many thanks again.

Marissa, Richardson, TX – August 2012


Love, love, love them!

We got the rings and love, love, love them! Mine is exactly what I hoped it would be. Fits great, sits really well on my finger, sublime diamond. Just perfect. Again, thank you for all your excellent help guiding us through this exciting process. Can I also just say that typing with a sparkly diamond is SO much more fun:)

Heidi, Oakland, CA – August 2012


I am one happy person!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! The rings are beautiful! They fit perfectly and are all I had hoped for. The sparkle is outstanding. Thanks for all you did to make all this come together on time. I will be telling everybody about my experience with Brilliant Earth. I am one happy person. THANKS!

Gayle, Fort Worth, TX – August 2012



I was able to pick up the ring at the local fedex/kinko's yesterday (that service is great, by the way). The ring is beautiful. My fiancé is a self-described "non-profit type" and her main request in an engagement ring was that it be eco-friendly and conflict free. So, Brilliant Earth was perfect on that count, but she was also much more smitten by the beauty of the ring itself than she was expecting!

David, Seattle, WA – August 2012


Surpassed my Expectations

I couldn't be happier with the ring, it surpassed my expectations. The detail is amazing and the colour of the sapphire is even more beautiful than the picture. And I was really impressed by all the information your company provides about the origins of the materials, it feels good to know. My fiancé and I have been secretly engaged for a little while and it's nice to make it official with this ring :) Thanks so much for your help with everything!

Erin, Halifax, Nova Scotia – July 2012

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