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Brilliant Earth for future purchases

I wanted to express my satisfaction with Brilliant Earth’s services and products! Recently, I worked with the Brilliant Earth staff to design an engagement ring. I barraged them with questions and thoughts throughout the process, and they responded with detailed explanations and showed great patience. I also appreciated the prompt email correspondence and sample pictures. The delivery time was even faster than estimated! I proposed the day I received the ring, and she said yes! We both love the ring and will definitely consider Brilliant Earth for future purchases.

Michael, Williamsberg, VA – May 2011

Beautiful, sturdy, designed well, and the correct size

I ordered a Brilliant Earth wedding ring after learning about them on Facebook. I live across the country from this business, but they made ordering easy. The customer service was great. They emailed me promptly when I finally decided on the perfect purchase and helped me to navigate all the design choices. They have so many great options - it's hard to choose! The ring is beautiful, sturdy, designed well, and the correct size. I would definitely order more jewelry from them because I love the high quality of their jewelry and their mission!

Geena, Douglassville, PA – May 2011

Recommending Brilliant Earth to everyone I know

My wife and I really appreciate the mission to sell ethical jewelry, and I was impressed with both the ease of ordering, and the professionalism I encountered at every stage of my experience. I will be recommending Brilliant Earth to everyone I know!

Nick, Oxford, OH – May 2011

Commitment to humans, as well as the earth

My ring is stunning! The quality of the ring is spectacular. I was fortunate enough to receive the complimentary Earth Day pendant, and it is simply gorgeous, as well. Brilliant Earth provides such an important service to jewelry customers. We have shied away from diamonds for a long time due to the mining and inhumane practices employed by too many companies. Thank you for your commitment to humans as well as the earth! We look forward to additional purchases from Brilliant Earth!

Parry and Judy, Ashville, OH – May 2011

Knowledgeable, patient, and extremely accommodating

I had been passively searching for an engagement ring for about a year and was weary of buying online. I felt the same when approaching buying a ring from Brilliant Earth, but the feeling didn't last long! After a month of research, I finally called. Brilliant Earth was incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and extremely accommodating. They helped me understand the nuances of selecting a ring and what to look for in a diamond. When the ring arrived, I was absolutely stunned. I have never seen a diamond as clear or that reflects light as perfectly as this diamond!

David, Tarpon Springs, FL – April 2011

Smooth and easy

Just wanted to say that I received the rings this morning, and they are absolutely gorgeous! Honestly, the tears started to flow the second I opened the little ring box – I’m a bit of a softy. The packaging is also really impressive. I love the ring box, certificates of origin, and jewelry cleaner! Thank you so much for making the purchase of an ethically sourced wedding ring so smooth and easy. You have been supportive and helpful every step of the way!

David, Fresno, CA – April 2011

Above environmental reproach

We received the pendant right on schedule, and it's absolutely perfect- exactly what I imagined for my daughter. The pendant is now hidden, waiting for her birthday. I know she'll love it! Your company is wonderful. It is fantastic to buy jewelry knowing that the source is above environmental reproach and that the welfare of the people who mine the gems is taken into account. This really means a lot to us. Dealing with you has been a pleasure!

Ruth, Brooklyn, NY – April 2011

A customer for life

I was attracted to Brilliant Earth's ethical practices in a world of blood diamonds. Once I started shopping, I was so impressed by the ability to pick the perfect ring for my taste! Your selection was outstanding and the ability to design one's own ring was a nice touch. Most importantly, Brilliant Earth truly shines in the customer service department. I have never had a company who cares about their customers so much. I am a customer for life! When people see the fire from my fiancé's ring and ask about it, the first words out of my mouth are Brilliantearth.com, followed by the ethical practices that brought me to this company in the first place.

Justin, Portland, OR – March 2011

The biggest moment of my life

I received my ring today, and elation is the word that comes to mind. It is perfect! Once again, thank you so much for your help for what is going to be the biggest moment of my life so far. I appreciate your efforts, and the ring looks amazing- even better than I had thought it would!

Jason, Edmonton, AB – March 2011

Philanthropic efforts to help African communities

The pendant was gorgeous! My girlfriend loves it, and hasn't taken it off. She was impressed with Brilliant Earth's conflict free diamonds and philanthropic efforts to help African communities that have been negatively affected by the diamond industry. Thank you for contacting me personally to let me know the pendant was shipped. It was a nice touch from the typical standard shipment letter most other businesses send to customers.

James, Fallon, NV- March 2011

Comfortable, professional and downright enjoyable

It looks amazing! I'm so excited, and I can't wait to give it to her. I'm looking forward to buying our wedding bands from Brilliant Earth as well. When the secret's out, I'd love to offer my comments on your website as a very satisfied customer. Thanks again! Buying from your company has been exactly what I wanted: comfortable, professional and downright enjoyable.

Jamie, Charlotte, NC – February 2011

Helpful without being pushy

My husband and I love our wedding rings from Brilliant Earth! The Brilliant Earth team was helpful without being pushy. It was great coming in a couple of times to try on different rings. The ring buying process was quick and easy. Our rings arrived shortly thereafter and are gorgeous. We can hardly wait to wear them every day. We both get compliments and are happy to tell people we got our rings from Brilliant Earth. I highly recommend buying here to all my friends!

Mag, San Francisco, CA – February 2011

An important and meaningful occasion

I just picked up my ring! First off, the "probable delivery time" was right on the minute. Having it arrive on time as promised was great! The whole morning at work I couldn't stop thinking about it. Secondly, the ring is stunning. I was hesitant to purchase such an expensive and important item online, but after speaking with your helpful and sweet customer service agents, I could not be any happier. The ring looks marvelous, and I know it will be exactly what she is looking for. I am very excited and am so happy I chose Brilliant Earth for such an important and meaningful occasion! Thank you so much.

Mark, Chicago, IL – January 2011

Keep up the good work!

The rings are beautiful! It was important to me to get a non-conflict diamond. I researched on the internet for several days before deciding on Brilliant Earth, and I appreciate the education your website gave me about the failings of the Kimberly Project. Your donation of 5% of profits to Africa also persuaded me to choose Brilliant Earth. Keep up the good work!

Mark, Denver, CO – January 2011

Good at what they do!

Before getting engaged, I told my husband two important things- no diamonds and any ring must be conflict free. I also hinted at a company that could help him out! The Brilliant Earth team worked with him over the phone and over email to find the perfect stone to compliment the band he picked out. My ring is GORGEOUS. Then the team members had the pleasure of working with my picky self to create a custom wedding band. I am so pleased with how it turned out and both my rings are stunning. I cannot recommend this company more! They are good at what they do!

Cass, Costa Mesa, CA – January 2011

A more conscientious lifestyle

I'm so glad that Brilliant Earth provides the option for ethical jewelry; without it, I may have resorted to bamboo and beach glass! Both my fiancé and I are committed to living a more conscientious lifestyle, and it is important to us to know that her ring was created with the smallest environmental impact possible. I wish you great success in sharing your values with more people, and I'm sure they'll be twice as pleased when a beautiful piece of jewelry arrives that bears neither ecological damage, nor human rights burdens!

Mark, Milwaukee, WI – December 2010

A work of art

My mother just received the Sterling Silver Brilliant Earth Diggers Pendant in time for her birthday, and she absolutely loves it! The setting is a work of art, and the matted silver really makes the stone stand out and sparkle. She was also very impressed with the packaging. Of course, we love the fact that the silver is recycled, the diamond is conflict free, and that a portion of the sale benefits communities harmed by the diamond industry. The Brilliant Earth team was amazingly helpful with my order, and I will certainly make sure spread the word about the Brilliant Earth website to all my friends and family.

David, Indianapolis, IN – December 2010


I just wanted to let you know that the ring just arrived. To say that I am stunned by its beauty fails to capture my reaction adequately. Thank you so much for all of your help and thank you for aiding the arrival of this beautiful ring. Honestly I am speechless.

Ross, Winnetka, IL – December 2010

I will be proud to propose with this ring

The ring is absolutely gorgeous and I will be proud to propose with this ring. I think it is exactly what my girlfriend is looking for and she will absolutely love it. I can't thank you enough for all of the support you have given me through this little journey of mine. Thanks again for all of your help!

Chris, Milpitas, CA – December 2010

I have never received so many compliments

My fiancé is picky when it comes to buying jewelry! Awhile back, he bought the fire citrine necklace from Brilliant Earth for a Christmas gift for me. The quality of the stones is unbelievable and the experience must have been good because the following birthday, he got me a pair of grape garnet earrings from Brilliant Earth as well. I have never received so many compliments on a pair of earrings! Recently, he wound up buying my engagement ring through Brilliant Earth and proposed to me at the beginning of this month. The ring is gorgeous - absolutely stunning. I will highly recommend Brilliant Earth!

Kelsey, Bothell, WA – November 2010

A big moment in my life

I received the ring earlier this morning. I want to say that it's absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you for all of your help with such a big moment in my life, from deciding the perfect ring for my budget to sending it to me a little earlier than I expected. I won't forget it. I will be sure to both use Brilliant Earth in the future and recommend your services to others.

Michael, Astoria, NY – November 2010


LOVE. That is the only word to describe how I feel about my ring!! My fiancé decided to go with Brilliant Earth after researching your mission statement and talking with a customer service representative. He said that the representative was very helpful and even followed up to make sure he received the ring and that the piece was exactly what he was expecting. I love the ring so much, and I told my fiancé that if it's possible I will love it more every day to come. Thank you for making this experience a special one!!

Amanda, Fayetteville, AR – November 2010

Conflict free and ethically sourced

My fiancé proposed this morning and presented me with the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen! It is infinitely more beautiful than I imagined, which is saying a lot! I am absolutely thrilled! My friends and colleagues' mouths were agape at the sight of it and I was so thrilled to tell them how he proposed, of course, but just as excited to tell them it's conflict free and ethically sourced from Brilliant Earth. I feel good about wearing this ring and feel fantastic about the ease of working with Brilliant Earth. I will definitely be contacting you in a few months to select our wedding rings. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Anne, Washington DC – November 2010

Donations to Africa

My Jewelry Specialist, Danielle, did a wonderful job advising me on the best choices for type, size, quality, and settings. She didn't always promote the most expensive, but recommended the best solution according to my requirements. The ring arrived on time, and looked exactly as expected! Conflict free and made from recycled metals - they track every stone, and they donate some of their profits to Africa. And to top it all they package the rings in sustainably harvested New Zealand Rimu wood! I would highly recommend Brilliant Earth!

Martin, San Jose, CA – October 2010

Absolutely Brilliant

I just got it, and I'm so ecstatic! The ring is really what I think Jennifer will love. The diamond is absolutely brilliant. I'm going to have a hard time waiting a week to give it to her. Thank you so much for all the help. I'll let you know what Jennifer says, and we will probably be in contact soon when we are ready for wedding rings!

Aaron, Maine – October 2010

An innovative company

When my fiancée and I first began to talk about rings, I told him I'd be happy with anything but hoped it would be conflict free. He proposed to me with a beautiful ring from Brilliant Earth! It's perfect and the diamond is gorgeous. Brilliant Earth sent a certificate of ethical origin, with detailed information about the mine's environmental protection practices, labor and safety practices, and community programs. We decided to purchase our wedding bands from Brilliant Earth as well, and through every step of the process the customer service was extremely professional, kind, and personal. I had the chance to visit the San Francisco showroom, which was comfortable and intimate. Our bands arrived yesterday and I can't wait for my fiancé and I to wear them! It feels great to know that our purchases support ethical and environmentally conscious practices, not to mention a unique and innovative company.

Rebecca, Colorado Springs, CO – September 2010

The craftsmanship is wonderful

The rings just arrived! The craftsmanship is wonderful. She's going to love the antique look. The diamond is amazingly brilliant, and looks a lot bigger than I imagined. You did a wonderful job! Even the presentation box, cleaner and documentation truly make this a gift with Brilliant Earth class. I'm going to present it to her on Monday, exactly two years since we were matched on eHarmony. I really appreciate the social responsibility of your product and thank you for that commitment. It was an important decision for us when looking for something lasting like this. Again, thank you for the wonderful product.

Mike, Atlanta, GA – September 2010

Ethical labor practices

If you care about ethical labor practices, the environment, good customer service, and fast, reliable shipping, you should support Brilliant Earth. It's just the right thing to do! I was originally drawn to Brilliant Earth when I was searching online for conflict-free sapphires. I was worried about supporting the diamond industry and its unethical practices, but I still wanted a gift that my girlfriend could look at everyday. Once I did the research, Brilliant Earth was the best company I could find. Throw in the customer service and there's no question- this company is awesome! Customer service is very important to me. The website is easy to navigate, and it's informative. I was able to chat with a team member online, while I learned about Brilliant Earth's practices in the jewelry world. I also spoke on the phone with a team member. He offered to email me pictures of the gems because I was skeptical about purchasing online and stayed in touch with me throughout the entire process. Everyone was friendly, nice, and in a pleasant mood. They even shipped the ring earlier than I expected. They understand that we, as customers, are involving them in an important moment, and their enthusiasm goes a long way. The ring is exactly what I wanted, and the feeling that goes along with purchasing it at a company like Brilliant Earth makes it even better!

Nick, Ohio – September 2010

Amazingly brilliant

The metal work is wonderful! She's going to love the antique look. The diamond is amazingly brilliant. The Brilliant Earth employees did a wonderful job! Even the presentation box, cleaner, and documentation was put together with class. I really appreciate the social responsibility of the product and thank you for that commitment. It was an important decision for us when looking for something lasting like this. Again, thank you for the wonderful product. After Monday, I will want to publish my praises of BE to my social networks.

Mike Chu, Atlanta, GA – August 2010

I can't wait to give it to her!

What else can I say, the ring is incredible! It's absolutely stunning, and more beautiful and perfect looking that I had imagined. I have been to a dozen different jewelers in the last few months and nothing I saw in those shops came even close to the brilliance of the ring I bought from you guys. Thank you so much for all your advice and help. I love the ring, the box, and the whole package. I can't wait to give it to her! I hope she loves it as much as I do.

Chris, Ohio – August 2010

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