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Made all of this so easy

Ring is AMAZING we both love it so much. I will be ordering the matching wedding band as soon as I can, and have already recommended your company to my sister’s future fiancé. It’s a stunner, and I love that it is comprised of ethically-sourced diamonds and recycled gold. Thank you for all of your help, you have made all of this so easy and your expertise and recommendations made a perfect ring for me – I will definitely be contacting you soon to order the wedding band!

Erin, San Diego, CA – April 2012

Diamond is especially stellar

The rings have arrived and I am validated on many levels that I made the right choice choosing Brilliant Earth. That diamond is especially stellar; the sparkle on it is just perfect. And the gemstones look excellent with platinum. I haven't stopped holding them; good thing our wedding is just a month and a half away. Thanks so much for all your assistance in making our designs happen!

Jessica, Rapid City, SD – April 2012

Looks like it was meant for me

The ring is stunning, and I cannot take my eyes off of it. It was so much fun telling everyone the story of picking it out, and emailing/calling you guys a million times with all of my questions, and looking at pictures over and over again, imagining what it would look like on my hand. Thank you for making this purchase as simple and painless and as fun as can be-we appreciate it immensely. The ring fits perfect, and, as much as it sounds kind of grandiose to say, looks like it was meant for me...STILL cannot believe that it is mine. Even prouder to tell everyone that yes, it is conflict-free...which is very important to me. That, in combination with the facts that it was very reasonably priced, and honestly one of the most unique engagement rings I have ever seen, make me happier than you can imagine with my decision to buy an engagement ring online, which I was originally hesitant about. Thank you again, a million times over. I would gladly recommend Brilliant Earth to anyone, hands down some of the best customer service around. I look forward to continuing to work with you all in the future.

Dawn, Chicago, IL – March 2012

Unique and gorgeous

The ring is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I can't stop looking at it! Any anxieties I've had through the custom design process are totally put to rest--it really is perfect, not only in the design but also in the way it fits my hand. I've already received a ton of comments on how unique and gorgeous it is. Thank you so, so much for being so helpful through this process and really making the effort to understand and achieve what I was looking for. Brilliant Earth is going to be getting a lot of free advertising from me! Thanks again--I'm so very grateful to you for helping me get the ring I wanted. I'm only sad that I have to take it in to get appraised for insurance--I don't want it off my finger for one minute!

Kate, Reno, NV – March 2012

She will definitely love it

I received the rings and they are amazing..she will definitely love it. I appreciate all your effort and send my big thanks to your team!

Ismail, Ontario, Canada – March 2012

Sending them all your way!

I got the ring last Wednesday (a day earlier than expected!) and I proposed to Valerie on Sunday! Thank you so much for your help in picking the ring and diamond. Val loves her ring, and a lot of people have asked us where we got it. I'm sending them all your way. :)

Ronnie, San Jose, CA – February 2012

Order was in great hands

Earlier this year I had a stone, the band, and sizing all figured out by your wonderful employee. She was extremely thorough throughout the entire process. She sent me pictures, gave me advice, and set me up with the exact ring in my price range. It was a promise ring to my girlfriend, who is waiting for my return while I am deployed overseas. I couldn’t have been happier with the results. Being so pleased I returned to your company for a Valentine’s Day surprise. I had a few questions about the pendant that I had ordered, and just decided to use the live chat since I had such a great experience the last time. She remembered me, the ring, and that I was deployed! It was so wonderful being overseas and knowing that my order was in great hands once again. She answered all of my questions, wrapped my package AND fixed the shipping issues that I created myself. Brilliant Earth is wonderful, and I am so pleased to have the service, attitude and experience given to me on both occasions.

Zachary, Fairborn, OH – February 2012

So beautiful

Ok.....it is beautiful. It is so beautiful I hope she says no so I can wear it ;). Thank you so very much! I am extremely grateful for your service and help. You have made it less stressful for sure. And I am glad there is a company like Brilliant Earth. I will talk you guys up! I hope your Valentine's will be as great as mine.

Teresa, San Jose, CA – February 2012

From start to finish, thank you

Just a word of appreciation and thanks for your kind attention to detail and care in walking yet another scared guy through the process of purchasing a ring for his sweetie. The ring arrived as stated, the packaging was thoughtful and attractive, and Aimee LOVED the ring and the integrity with which it was mined, labored, and processed. From start to finish, thank you. A fan of Brilliant Earth and its people.

JP, Falls Church, VA – January 2012

Best collection of estate rings

The ring is perfect -- exactly what I wanted, it is such a whimsical, magical, symbolic ring. I'm sure this estate ring has a beautiful story. I also wanted to mention that since I lost my engagement ring two years ago I have been looking to replace it and I feel like I looked everywhere -- all the vintage antique ring websites, here in Asheville NC where I live, and in Charlotte, NC, and I have to say Brilliant Earth has the best collection of estate rings. They are so unique and lovely and even now that I have my perfect ring I'm sure I will occasionally check your website just to see the beautiful, artful ring collection you guys have. Thank you for all of your help!

Joy, Black Mountain, NC – January 2012

Fantastic customer service

Man, oh man, you guys have fantastic customer service! Didn't you know that I already own the ring? :) You and your company are truly remarkable!

Kristina, British Columbia, Canada – January 2012

Very happy with the results

I just wanted to say thanks for getting the ring to us just in the nick of time. I proposed to Leah (and she accepted) at about 11:30PM on New Years Eve at the base of Blue Mountain Ski Resort. The ring is beautiful and we're both very happy with the results. Thank you for all your help over the past few months. I'll be sure to refer Brilliant Earth (and yourself) to my friends and family!

Oliver, Ontario, Canada – January 2012

Incredibly kind and diligent

My fiancee is exceedingly happy and people have not stopped talking about how beautiful the ring is (I also remind them about the ethics of its manufacturing!). Many, many thanks to you and the good people at Brilliant Earth for seeing to the production of such things in ways that are more attentive to social and eco-justice. You, especially, have been incredibly kind and diligent.

Cory, Atlanta, GA – December 2011

Feel good jewellery

Thanks so much for taking care of us! My intended Brenna and I got engaged in an early Christmas present exchange under her grandparents' Christmas tree. Brenna loved the ring. The setting, the diamond, the ethical origin, and the extra thought and care undertaken with the ring all complemented her demeanour, philosophy, and family history perfectly. I'm originally from Victoria, British Columbia, so it was fabulous to be able to order a Canadian diamond from out here in Florida, so Brenna can look at the ring and think of me. Brenna, her family, and her friends are thrilled about all the extra features we were able to get from you beyond an average mall-shop engagement ring- we are sure glad Brilliant Earth is out there selling such feel-good jewellery!

Brian, Archer, FL – December 2011

Better than I could have imagined

I got the package yesterday. I must say I am really impressed, the ring turned out better than I could have imagined. I was also very impressed with the packing – solid, without tons of plastic and waste. I cannot express enough how wonderful my experience with you and Brilliant Earth has been. I know that my girlfriend will love the ring. Thank you so much for all of your help and assistance

Michael, Golden Valley, MN – November 2011

Fantastic purchase

The ring arrived today and, in addition to having it finally hit me that I am about to propose, I am overjoyed. The ring simply looks beautiful..... I am fully confident that my girlfriend will love it. Thank you again for all of your great service. I have been enormously impressed with both the website and customer service, and opening the packaging today was like opening a Christmas present! I appreciate the well thought out packaging as well as the informational materials... it all adds up to being a fantastic purchase. Thanks again for your help.

Aaron, Elk Grove, CA – November 2011

Lost for words

People who know me, know that I am not often lost for words, but this morning when I opened the ring box was one of them. I was totally and utterly blown away. I cannot even find the words so say how amazing it is. Thank you so, so very much from the bottom of my heart. You guys at Brilliant Earth have made me a very, very happy man and I cannot wait to see my girl’s face when she sees it. It is going to be amazing and I know she will love it even more than I do.

Chris, Oxford, England – November 2011

Something I believe in

Thank you so much for your help and friendly attitude throughout this whole process. It has been a great experience, and I’m so glad we made the choice to go with Brilliant Earth! The ring is absolutely stunning! I love every aspect as it is very simple, yet elegant. Everyone did an amazing job. I’m pleased to know that your company stands for something I believe in and that I have contributed. Again, I’m thrilled to be able to give this gift of love to my future bride!

Aaron, Elk Grove, CA – November 2011

Friendly and approachable

I wanted to take a minute and tell you how positive my experience was with Brilliant Earth. As I am sure most men are, I was nervous and a bit intimidated by the process of picking out an engagement ring. Did I pick the right one? How are they going to ship something so valuable? etc. Brilliant Earth’s team was very friendly and approachable. I did not feel like I was talking to a salesman but rather a professional that had some great advice to give. When I started looking for rings it became clear very quickly that Brilliant Earth was my only choice. The quality and beauty combined with your ethical practices is outstanding. When I buy something that is going to represent my love and commitment to the woman I want to marry, I also want it to represent our commitment to the common good of our planet and the wonderful people who live on it.

Danny, Detroit, MI – October 2011

Really easy and really special

Thank you to the Brilliant Earth team. I appreciated your knowledge, advice, and low-pressure environment. I am also really glad that I bought from Brilliant Earth for ethical and environmental reasons. You made it really easy and really special.

Lauren, San Francisco, CA – October 2011

Customer service was A+

The ring arrived yesterday, and it is the perfect fit! Thank you all so much for every part of this experience! The customer service was A+ from the first phone call to the resizing. My girl could not be happier (nor could I) as the ring is beautiful. We won't hesitate to mention Brilliant Earth to friends who ask about engagement rings.

Steve and Kate, York, ME – September 2011

Took my breath away

I received the ring today and have to say that it immediately took my breath away. And I am a guy! It really is beautiful. My girl absolutely loves it. The hardest part now will be to wait till December to wear it. Thank you for your assistance with everything. I will recommend this company to anyone.

Robert, Kalisof, AK – September 2011

I couldn't be happier

FedEx just delivered the package from Brilliant Earth with my ring, and I wanted to let you know a couple things. Firstly, it's perfect. It fits just right. Secondly, it's SO shiny! You guys did a truly fabulous job and I couldn't be happier! Thank you so much for your support and making this process so easy from start to finish. You remain one of my favorite companies, and I can only hope I can sprinkle my partner with gifts of jewelry from your company!!

Jaime, Colrain, MA – September 2011

Gorgeously crafted

Our wedding bands came this morning, and just as promised, I could not be happier with them. They are gorgeously crafted and fit perfectly! I want to thank Brilliant Earth for helping us get them on such short notice. I continue to be impressed, not only with Brilliant Earth's mission statement, but also with your customer service. Thanks again!

Jeni, Aurora, CO – August 2011

Always meant for me

I have always wanted a blue sapphire wedding ring - my grandmother had blue sapphire rings, and it's my birth stone. It’s also the color of my mom, sister, and grandmother’s eyes. It has so much sentimental value to me, that when my fiancée was down on one knee, looking up at me with this ring in his hand, I felt like my world was complete. It is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. I will cherish this ring for the rest of my life; it encompasses who I am, as if it was always meant for me. Much love and thanks!

Erin, Houston, TX – August 2011

Gorgeous ring

I knew I had found the right guy, and he knew that he had found the right company to help us make our dreams come true. The engagement ring on my finger is the most stunning piece of jewelry I have ever seen! He custom-designed the ring to make sure it was everything I could ever want, and he has had nothing but good things to say about the customer service at Brilliant Earth. How they helped him through the process. We are so excited that we were able to make our commitment to our future with such a special and heartfelt piece of jewelry. It was our first concern to ensure that the stones we chose were ethically sourced and that we stayed true to our environmentally friendly lifestyle. I am very proud to wear this symbol of our love knowing that it has caused no one pain, and I am always eager to explain to people where it came from and why we believe in what you do. Thank you for this gorgeous ring and for making it clear that beautiful jewelry does not need to be cruel and wasteful!

Lindsay and Andrew, State College, PA – August 2011

Absolutely beautiful!

I just received my custom wedding band last night, and it is absolutely beautiful! I am so happy that I decided to go with a wedding band contoured to my engagement ring - absolutely no regrets! I want to thank Brilliant Earth for the quick responses and for patiently walking me through the whole custom process.

Connie, Ottawa, ON – July 2011

Timeless rings

We received our rings in Oregon today, and everyone loves them! I was literally stunned by their beauty when I saw them. My mother thinks they are timeless rings and will always be considered beautiful. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

Jennifer, Newark, CA – July 2011

Great customer service!

Brilliant Earth has great customer service! They have friendly sales representatives that respond quickly to communications and do their best to make the experience great. If you want earth conscious jewelry with great people, this is the company to pick!

Zach, Indianapolis, IN – July 2011

Fantastic craftsmanship and salesmanship

I ordered an engagement ring from Brilliant Earth and could not be happier with my experience, what a wonderful company! The ordering process was smooth and efficient and I immediately spoke to someone to complete my order. They notified me when work on the ring started and when it shipped, as well as followed up with me when it arrived. Each time I got an email or phone call, it was not scripted - the emails were written by the people, not simply copied and pasted. I really appreciated this aspect of the experience. Finally, the ring itself is beautiful - exactly what I wanted. We feel wonderful about it. The craftsmanship and sales representatives were both fantastic. Love it!

Aaron, Somerville, MA – July 2011

Showing 91-120 of 328 results
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