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I am thrilled!

Oh my goodness, the ring is even more beautiful than I thought. It's absolutely perfect! I am thrilled and more than completely satisfied with my purchase and choice to go with Brilliant Earth. I will definitely be making more purchases in the future! Many, many thanks again.

Marissa, Richardson, TX – August 2012


Love, love, love them!

We got the rings and love, love, love them! Mine is exactly what I hoped it would be. Fits great, sits really well on my finger, sublime diamond. Just perfect. Again, thank you for all your excellent help guiding us through this exciting process. Can I also just say that typing with a sparkly diamond is SO much more fun:)

Heidi, Oakland, CA – August 2012


I am one happy person!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! The rings are beautiful! They fit perfectly and are all I had hoped for. The sparkle is outstanding. Thanks for all you did to make all this come together on time. I will be telling everybody about my experience with Brilliant Earth. I am one happy person. THANKS!

Gayle, Fort Worth, TX – August 2012



I was able to pick up the ring at the local fedex/kinko's yesterday (that service is great, by the way). The ring is beautiful. My fiancé is a self-described "non-profit type" and her main request in an engagement ring was that it be eco-friendly and conflict free. So, Brilliant Earth was perfect on that count, but she was also much more smitten by the beauty of the ring itself than she was expecting!

David, Seattle, WA – August 2012


Surpassed my Expectations

I couldn't be happier with the ring, it surpassed my expectations. The detail is amazing and the colour of the sapphire is even more beautiful than the picture. And I was really impressed by all the information your company provides about the origins of the materials, it feels good to know. My fiancé and I have been secretly engaged for a little while and it's nice to make it official with this ring :) Thanks so much for your help with everything!

Erin, Halifax, Nova Scotia – July 2012


I have no doubt she'll love it

I got the ring today and it looks AWESOME! It is exactly what I think she wants and I have no doubt she'll love it. That was an easy process to pick it out and get it. Your website is really user friendly!

Robert, Springfield, OR – July 2012


Brilliant Earth Continues to Amaze

Thank you all for helping walk me through this process. The ring will be on its way to you for a resize first thing tomorrow morning. I really appreciate how you included the pre-paid shipping label with insurance as part of the order. That's a really nice touch. Everyone at Brilliant Earth continues to amaze me with their attentiveness and customer service.

Jon, Rochester, WA – July 2012



Just wanted to let you know that I received the ring today and you are right, it is BEAUTIFUL! I want to thank you and everyone at Brilliant Earth for the exquisite detail that was put into the ring. I am an artist and can see the fine craftsmanship that went into making it. I wanted something special for my girlfriend and I think that this is beyond special! Thank you and everyone at Brilliant Earth!

Matt, Hanover, MA – July 2012


The ring is amazing

The ring is amazing; I love it. I love the way the side stones give it some color and make it feel unique, yet the diamond still outshines both of them and really grabs the attention. The settings is really beautiful too. When I came up with this idea, I wasn't sure if it would actually happen. Some other places I approached while shopping around wouldn't even work with me. Thank you for working with me on this. It's perfect. I can't wait until my girlfriend sees it.

Anthony, Battle Creek, MI – July 2012


People think it's stunning

Just wanted to let you all know the proposal was a success and Jen loves the ring very much. Not only that, but the comments she/we have received on it are incredible. People think it's stunning.

John, New York, NY – July 2012


The Ring Captures the Ideal Feeling of the Engagement

I received the ring and it is so much more than I expected. The perfectly reflected light from the ring captures the ideal feeling of the engagement and symbolizes the reflected love that my partner and I feel. There is an added dimension of connection felt and seen in the ring because it was mined with care, respect for human life, and the earth from which it comes. What a magnificent gift from the earth to us. Thank you for making this possible.

Curtis, O’Neals, CA – June 2012


Thank You for Your Assistance and Honesty

I wanted to thank you all for your assistance and honesty. When I first found Brilliant Earth online, I was so thankful because I wanted so much to partner with an organization like yours. Buying a ring has honestly been the biggest purchase of my life, and I wanted to make sure that I did not adversely affect anyone involved in the ring's production, from start to finish. For that reason and more, I sincerely appreciate your help. Everyone has gone above & beyond in providing information, pictures, and whatever I needed to make my decisions. Your service has secured my interest with your mission and business, and I hope to call on Brilliant Earth for future purchases, as well.

Stephen, Portland, OR – June 2012



Just wanted to say thank you to everyone at BE! I picked the ring up today and it is AMAZING! So beautiful. Just a big thank you for making the whole process a breeze and delivering quality jewelry. I'll always use and recommend BE in future, so excited!

Chase, Redwood City, CA – June 2012


Completely Pleasant Experience

I got the rings and they're perfect! Thank you so much for your help. We have, again, had another completely pleasant experience with you guys--thank you for making things so comfortable and easy!

Michael, Oklahoma City, OK – June 2012


Thank you, thank you!

I just opened my package from Brilliant Earth and I’m delighted! Your company’s excellence shines in every aspect. Thank you, thank you!

Lee, Birmingham, AL – July 2012


Even Better Than I’d Hoped For

The ring was delivered this morning and it is just perfect. It's even better than I’d hoped for. I want to thank you for your help and answering all of our questions and, generally, for being awesome at what you do. You guys did such an amazing job on this. If possible, please give the rest of your team a high-five for me.

Anthony, Flossmoor, IL – July 2012


She said yes!

She said "Yes!” Immediately. And cried. A lot. She just loves the ring and everything about and behind it. I am so happy that I chose your company.

Hansa, Bavaria, Germany – June 2012


Everything is perfect

We received the package and everything is perfect. The ring looks amazing and fits perfectly. She couldn't be happier. Thanks again for everything!!!

Billy, Beltsville, MD – June 2012


Definitely be repeat customers

We got our rings today and they fit perfectly! We are very pleased with the engraving! In short, our experience has been fantastic and we will definitely be repeat customers!

Amber and Stephen, Memphis, TN – June 2012


Made the purchase easy

I would like to tell you how impressed I am with Brilliant Earth. Everything was packaged perfectly and the ring looks fantastic. I am very happy with my purchase and I know she will be too. Thank you for keeping the lines of communication open - this makes everything less stressful and takes a load off my shoulders. You have been great, thank you for making the purchase easy.

Brian, Alberta, Canada – June 2012


Lifetime of Memories

I proposed on the steps at the Basilica of the Sacre Coeur which sits on the highest point in Paris. She said yes!!! She loves her ring and we are so glad that Brilliant Earth was a part of the lifetime of memories we made on our dream vacation. We appreciate your commitment to provide ethically sourced and sustainable jewelry - and it’s beautiful too!!

Christopher, Washington, D.C. – June 2012


Absolutely Beautiful

The ring is absolutely beautiful. It is just as I'd hoped it would be when I chose the diamond and the setting. It looks great in the wooden box, but it looks stunning on my fiancé's finger! Thanks to the Brilliant Earth crew for making the selection and purchase of the ring so easy. We’ll be buying her band from you as well when the time draws nearer. Thanks again!

Chris, Ontario, Canada – June 2012


So Pleased

I received the ring yesterday! It is perfect. My fiance got the matching engagement ring so we had to get this one for my wedding band! Thank you so much. We have been so pleased with both pieces of jewelry we have ordered from you and would recommend you in the future!

Kristine, Denver, CO – June 2012


Couldn’t be happier

It is perfect and so beautiful!! I have had some difficulty trying to find a band to match my engagement ring and this one is so unbelievably close. I couldn't be happier :) The box it came in and the cleaner are a pretty nice bonus too. Thank you so much for such fantastic and prompt customer service. I am beyond pleased. I will definitely be recommending Brilliant Earth to so many people and am sure this will not be my last purchase from there. Cannot say thank you enough!!

Jasmyn, Alberta, Canada - June 2012


Never Been More Pleased

I have never been more pleased with an online shopping experience. You have provided me better service than even local businesses that I can walk into and be face to face. Her engagement ring is beautiful and we can't wait to see the wedding band. Again thank you very much and look forward to doing more business with Brilliant Earth in the future.

Justin, Southampton, MA – May 2012


Really Impressed

Let me just say that I am really impressed. The rings look amazing!!! You guys rock. Thank you so much for emailing me back every time I had a question. Thanks again!!

Phillip, Fletcher, NC – May 2012


Quality and Craftsmanship

The ring is absolutely breathtaking to say the least. By far the most beautiful ring I've ever seen, the quality of your rings are incredible. I'll definitely be coming back to Brilliant Earth for the matching wedding band in a few months. I've spent the entire day showing the ring off to all my friends, everybody is impressed with the quality and craftsmanship that goes into your jewelry. Thank you again so much for all of the help you've provided, it will certainly make one woman very happy here shortly!

Micah, Raeford, NC – May 2012


Pleasant From Start to Finish

I learned of your company when originally searching for a way to buy responsibly via an article in the National Geographic web site and a short time later spoke with a friend that had purchased her rings through Brilliant Earth. Our few forays into jewelry stores were a complete turnoff in that our questions about sourcing were dismissed as naïve or we were nauseated by the promotion of the ‘wow’ factor and constantly pushed in some of the larger stores. Anyway, thank you for offering a pleasant experience from start to finish.

Kirk, Front Royal, VA – May 2012


Top Recommendation

We received the rings today and they are BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks so much to you and your team for all the help throughout this process. It has been a real pleasure working with you, and Brilliant Earth will always be my top recommendation for anyone looking for anything jewelry related. And of course if we ever need anything in the future we'll be sure to be in touch.

Noah, Sherman Oaks, CA – May 2012


Went out of your way

Oh my goodness this is the most precious wedding band I have ever laid my eyes on. So perfect in every respect! I can’t get over how dainty and sweet it is. You have been so great and so helpful through this process. You totally went out of your way and I felt so comfortable ordering this ring all the way across the country because of you! Thank you so much!

Christina, Albany, NY – April 2012

Showing 61-90 of 328 results
  • 3 of 11

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