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We'd love to hear about your experience at Brilliant Earth! Please email us at info@brilliantearth.com with your feedback or photos.

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It's Perfect For Me

The ring just arrived and though I was planning on waiting until getting home to share it with my fiance for the first time, I caved and tore into the box at work. I love this ring! It's perfect for me - classic, elegant and simple. Nothing says "married" like a simple band. The band's aesthetic doesn't challenge or overwhelm my engagement ring. Both rings stand perfectly either on their own or together. The ring has a very nice weight, a heft actually, when you hold it, but really lives up to it's name as a comfort fit when you slide it over your finger. I couldn't be more pleased and can't wait to put it on for real in 61 days! Thank you so much for all of your patience, assistance and the many photographs you sent. You've been such a pleasure to work with and I will highly recommend Brilliant Earth to friends in the future.

Erin, Brighton, MA - April 2014


She Said Yes

Just thought I'd pop you through an email letting you know that she said YES and that she absolutely loves the ring :) Thank you and to everyone at Brilliant Earth for this experience.

Marcus, Clayfield, Queensland, Australia - April 2014


I Can't Thank You Enough

I just wanted to follow up with you and let you know that the proposal was a success. She loved the ring and I can't thank you enough for your help during the selection process.

Mark, Prescott, AZ - March 2014


It Went Perfectly

She said yes! I proposed in Fern Canyon (Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park), in the pouring rain, and it went perfectly. I even managed to get a sneaky photo of it! She loves the ring. Thanks so much for your advice and assistance picking it out.

Kellen, Portland, OR - February 2014


It Is Absolutely Beautiful!

I received the ring and it is absolutely beautiful! Pictures certainly do not serve justice. You were very helpful during this process, I cannot thank you enough. I look forward to doing further business with BE when I purchase the matching band.

Bryce, Little River, SC - February 2014


Seriously. Perfect.

Everything went PERFECT and she ABSOLUTELY LOVED the ring!!!!!! You guys did a phenomenal job!!!!! Seriously. Perfect.

Cody, Norman, OK - January 2014


It's Gorgeous

I got the ring Tuesday morning and it's gorgeous. She said yes and loves the ring :) Thanks so much for getting it to me in time!

Clint, Chicago, IL - December 2013


Brilliant Earth's Customer Service is Second to None

Impeccable timing. The ring showed up right before I left for Tennessee this weekend to ask for Robyn's parents blessing to marry her. Of course they said yes and were very impressed by the ring. I told them about the company that Robyn picked it out from and they said that's just like her. She's has hippy tendencies, is kind and she is very earth friendly. I also thought the ring was impressive however, like a typical man, I was also very impressed by the quality and craftsmanship of the wooden display box. Please let whoever is in charge that Brilliant Earth's customer service is second to none. You were always helpful, friendly and patient. When I return from Hawaii in January, I'll let you know how the proposal goes. I will always be a loyal customer and let all my friends know to use your company when purchasing any jewelry. Thank you again.

Jason, Grovetown, GA - December 2013


Some of the Best Customer Service I've Found

Just wanted to reach out and say what an absolute pleasure it's been working with you from the engagement ring to the wedding band. I have received nothing but some of the best customer service I've found to date, and am so appreciative of the personalized care that I've been given over these past few months. You and your team have made something that on paper is a pretty daunting task, and made it about as stress-free as something like this could be. I have no doubt that Alana will be as happy with her wedding band as she was with her engagement ring. Every chance she gets, she shows her ring off to friends and family. And more often than not, words like "amazing" and "perfect" are used generously. Without the team at BE, I honestly wouldn't have been able to tackle this feat on my own.

Joel, San Francisco, CA - November 2013


The Best Customer Service I've Ever Experienced

It's the most beautiful ring I've ever seen! It is just perfect! I have received my ring thank you so much. Can I also say that I would recommend anyone to get their ring at Brilliant Earth. Even if they are not interested in jewelry, I would tell them to purchase something with Brilliant Earth for the buying experience. I have never purchased a ring in my life and this engagement ring was the first. My sales rep made me feel like I was her only customer. I paid payments twice a month and spoke directly to her every time. She had genuine excitement in her voice with me as it got closer to the time of arrival. I can't say enough about my first experience purchasing a ring. This was the best customer service I've ever experienced anywhere. Thank you again so much, this is perfect. Alison :-)

Alison, West Palm Beach, FL - October 2013

Showing 1-10 of 328 results
  • 1 of 33

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